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FAQs on SMS notifications

Soon you will no longer be able to receive SMS notifications about new documents. But you can switch on email or push notifications (in the mySympany app) instead.

The high costs associated with sending SMS notifications have to be covered by the premiums paid by all policyholders. Email and push notifications are cheaper alternatives that achieve the same result. On that basis, we’ve decided to stop offering SMS notifications altogether for the benefit of all our customers.

You can enable push notifications or e-mails to let you know when a new message or document (invoices, benefit statements, policies etc.) has been received.

  • To activate e-mail notifications, select Settings > Documents & notifications in the menu. You can change the email address saved in your account under Settings > Profile.
  • You can activate or deactivate push notifications in your smartphone’s settings:
    • iOS: Settings > mySympany > Notifications
    • Android: Settings can vary by phone. For example:
      Settings > Apps > mySympany > Notifications
      Settings > Notifications > All apps > mySympany

There’s also the option of switching off notifications altogether.

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