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Questions and answers on Sympany's household contents insurance

Whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner – your belongings should be as well-protected as possible. But what do you need to be aware of? What is the procedure in the event of a claim? You have the questions – we have the answers.

Taking out household contents insurance

Sympany will suggest an empirical insurance sum based on the number of rooms and persons and the standard of your furnishings. This serves as an indication only and should be checked by you. An inventory list can be helpful here.

Attention: always take the current replacement value into account!

Your personal effects like furniture, clothes, pets and electronic devices, including rented items, are included in household contents insurance.

Those persons who live with you and are registered in the same household (place of residence) are covered. Simple and straightforward with no age restrictions.

No, you do not need to take out a family policy. Two persons living in the same household are already insured under the basic cover policy. If you do have children at some stage, they will be covered for the first three months.

Household contents insurance: general questions

Sympany offers you comprehensive insurance cover even as a new home owner. The sum insured for household contents often changes as a result of purchasing a property and the building can also be insured under our household contents insurance "home".

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions.

Yes, at least in principle. However, Sympany allows you to include “occasional driving of other people’s vehicles” in your third party liability insurance policy.

Important: “occasional” constitutes: a maximum of 6 times in 3 months; holiday drives for the full duration of the holidays.

Household contents: in case of a claim

In principle, damage must be reported on an ongoing basis.

However, in case of such tenant-inflicted damage, it might be easier for the tenant and the landlord to only report and sort out such damage once the tenancy agreement has been terminated. In this case, Sympany will need a copy of the inventory report together with the Report of damage form. The important thing here is that you do not acknowledge any culpability or claims without Sympany’s consent.

The most important principle: remain calm.

Contact the police immediately in case of a burglary or theft. If there is any damage to your baggage, make sure you have the carrier confirm this in writing.

You can contact Sympany around the clock on +800 55 455 500 for assistance in an emergency.

Unfortunately, policyholders frequently set the insured sum for household contents at too low a level to save money. When a claim arises, most insurers then cut the benefit in proportion to the actual value, even if the claim is below the maximum insurance sum.

Sympany calculates an insurance sum based on the number of rooms, the number of persons living in your household and the standard of your furnishings. If you include this empirical value in your household contents insurance policy, as a rule you are automatically protected against any possible underinsurance. It is of course important in this context that when it comes to determining the insurance sum, you put your cards on the table and that in complex cases, you ask us for a personal consultation.

In order for you not to have to worry about your luggage when you are on holiday, we recommend this low-cost cover to you. If your luggage is lost or stolen, you usually only receive a small compensation from your airline.

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