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Reimbursement of environmental taxes to the general public

The Federal Government levies incentive taxes on environmentally harmful substances. This money flows back to the general public via health insurers. In 2024, 64.20 francs per person will be refunded from environmental taxes in this way (or 5.35 francs per person per month). This amount will be deducted from customers’ 2024 premium invoices.

Details on environmental taxes

Since 2008, the Federal Government has imposed a CO2 levy on fossil fuels such as heating oil and natural gas. This is not a new tax, but an incentive tax designed to promote the economical use of fossil fuels. Rather than being kept in the state treasury, the revenue from this is redistributed to the general public and the economy after the deduction of financial support for building programmes and technology funds. 

In addition, there is money that comes from the VOC levy (volatile organic compounds). These are the gases produced when solvents are used. They are partly responsible for the high ozone levels in the summer.

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