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Sympany Foundation Day with the Food Packaging Forum

How much should we be worrying about our food packaging – from pre-packaged apples to take-away 
boxes? This year’s Sympany Foundation Day, held in collaboration with the Food Packaging Forum, was 
dedicated to this highly topical but still little-known aspect of our “to-go” society.

30 May 2023  –  The Food Packaging Forum conducts research into the health risks of food packaging and is one of a total of four projects the Sympany Foundation is currently supporting. Around 50 guests from the healthcare sector, associations and the research industry attended the Foundation Day. Speakers from the Food Packaging Forum, Bio Suisse, and Doctors for the Environment discussed in detail why conventional packaging can be problematic for people and the environment, and what solutions are available.

From packaging into your body
Food packaging is an important topic. Not only for the environment, but also for people. This is because harmful, unknown or untested chemicals can transfer from packaging to our food and then enter our bodies when we eat. The Sympany Foundation is supporting the Food Packaging Forum with a project aimed at minimising the health impact caused by packaging.  

The Sympany Foundation 
The Sympany Foundation is committed to ensuring access to affordable healthcare and reasonably priced insurance cover. By supporting various projects – including the Food Packaging Forum – the Foundation makes an important contribution to society and to a future-oriented healthcare system. Every Foundation Day focuses on one of the Sympany Foundation's core projects. 

Video on the Sympany Foundation Day (in German)

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