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Press releases



Sympany Foundation Day: Working together for children with cancer

This year’s Sympany Foundation Day focused on the Sawera Health Foundation – a digital health initiative that helps children and their families to manage their everyday lives around childhood cancer treatments. Read more


Financial year shaped by high healthcare costs and customer growth

Healthcare costs continued to rise in Switzerland in 2023, which also had an impact on Sympany’s business. The company closed 2023 with a loss of CHF 58.2 million since the tightly calculated premiums were unable to cushion the high inflation. As the high equity base shows, Sympany remains in a good financial position. It was able to maintain strong customer growth in 2023 and once again achieve excellent satisfaction scores in independent customer surveys. Read more



Dominic Rau joins Sympany’s Board of Directors

Sympany is pleased to welcome Dominic Rau as a new member of the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board from 1 January 2024. Serge Altmann and Rolf Baumann will be stepping down from the Boards at the end of the year due to the limitation on the term of office. Read more


Christian Conti is new CEO of Sympany

The new CEO at Sympany is Christian Conti. He will start in his new role on 1 November 2023. Until then, Suzanne Blaser and Christian Meindl will continue in their roles as Co-CEOs ad interim. Read more


CEO Michael Willer to leave Sympany

After six successful years as CEO, Michael Willer has decided to hand over the reins and leave Sympany. The search for a successor has begun. Suzanne Blaser and Christian Meindl will take over as interim co-CEOs with immediate effect. Read more


Sympany Foundation Day with the Food Packaging Forum

How much should we be worrying about our food packaging – from pre-packaged apples to take-away  boxes? This year’s Sympany Foundation Day, held in collaboration with the Food Packaging Forum, was  dedicated to this highly topical but still little-known aspect of our “to-go” society. Read more


Sympany once again proves itself to be a reliable and solid partner

In spite of a challenging climate, Sympany has remained a reliable partner for its policyholders and remains in a strong financial position. 2022 resulted in a loss of CHF 61.5 million, caused primarily by higher benefits costs and negative returns on investments. Equity and solvency are, however, stable. Strong customer growth and high customer satisfaction are very encouraging signs. Read more



Andreas Krümmel elected to the Sympany Board of Directors

Sympany is pleased to welcome Andreas Krümmel as a new member of the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board from 1 January 2023. Read more


Groundbreaking new partnership: Sympany to offer advice in post offices

Sympany and Swiss Post announced their new partnership at a joint media conference today. Health insurer Sympany will become the first partner to offer its own services in selected post offices as part of the opening of the Swiss Post network, with a focus on providing insurance advice to new and existing customers. Read more


Sympany’s new brand design

Today marks the launch of Swiss insurer Sympany’s new brand design. The company’s colours and logo have been refreshed, and there is also a new slogan: “All the insurance you need”. Because Sympany offers its customers exactly what they need. Read more


Sympany planning to pay out its reserves

Sympany’s financial health and solidity pay off for policyholders: The insurer's basic insurance policyholders are to receive a voluntary payout from its reserves in 2023. Sympany wants to distribute a total of CHF 10 million to its customers. Read more


Sympany Foundation Day: Premiere at the Begegnungszentrum CURA

The Sympany Foundation funds and supports projects that contribute to the long-term improvement of the healthcare system. Each annual Foundation Day focusses on one of the projects. Last week, the first Foundation Day took place at the Begegnungszentrum CURA in Basel. Around 40 guests learned all about CURA’s innovative offerings and took the opportunity to exchange ideas with partners from politics and healthcare. Read more


Sympany policyholders get their money back

At the end of May, Sympany customers with supplementary hospital insurance will be receiving surpluses from the previous year. A total of CHF 2.7 million will be distributed between around 118,000 policyholders. Read more


Successful 2021 financial year for Sympany

In the 2021 financial year, Sympany remained true to its motto of being a reliable and fair insurer and was able to increase customer satisfaction once again. Important milestones included the payment of basic insurance and supplementary hospital insurance surpluses, the expansion of the network of HMO centres and partner practices to more than 450 locations, and the improvement of supplementary insurance benefits. Read more


Boris Jacklowsky appointed Head of Products & Marketing at Sympany

Effective April 2022, the Sympany Board of Directors has appointed Boris Jacklowsky as Head of Products & Marketing and a member of the Executive Board. He had previously held these positions ad interim. Read more



Sympany is paying back more than CHF 33 million to policyholders

After Sympany repaid CHF 23.3 million to policyholders with a supplementary hospital insurance policy back in May, surpluses will now be paid out in basic insurance: In October, around 63,000 customers will receive a total of CHF 9.8 million back. The reason for this refund is that the cost of medical treatment over the past year was much lower than expected in ten cantons. Read more


Sympany is paying CHF 23 million back to its policyholders

Due to the coronavirus, hospitals were unable to perform many planned operations last year. This led to a significant drop in the costs of supplementary hospital insurance. Health insurance provider Sympany is therefore paying back surpluses to its customers with various supplementary hospital insurance policies, amounting to a total of CHF 23 million. Read more


Sympany achieves excellent annual results and pays back surpluses to policyholders

As a fair and reliable insurance provider, Sympany focused its efforts in 2020 – a year heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic – on providing optimal support for its customers. This focus has been carried over into 2021 too. Once again, one of the steps Sympany plans to take is to pay back surpluses to its policyholders – with more than CHF 23 million available from supplementary hospital insurance alone. Read more


Health insurance provider Sympany and property insurance provider Simpego are partnering up

Insurtech start-up Simpego and health insurance provider Sympany have entered into a strategic partnership for property insurance. From now on, Sympany will be selling motor and household contents/personal liability insurance products from Simpego under a white labelling arrangement. Simpego will also be taking on the Sympany Versicherungen AG property insurance portfolio. Read more



New partnership with Medbase: Sympany’s HMO network grows to around 90 group practices as of 2021

Thanks to its partnership with the Medbase Group, Sympany is expanding its HMO network with an additional 44 medical centres. This means that Sympany HMO policyholders will have a choice of around 90 group practices from 1 January 2021 – more than twice as many as before. Read more


Premium surpluses: Sympany policyholders get their money back

For the fifth time now in a row, Sympany policyholders are getting surpluses back from basic and supplementary insurance. The health insurance provider has earmarked over CHF 21 million for the payment this year. For a family of four, the reimbursement amounts to up to CHF 1,840 for basic insurance and up to CHF 760 for supplementary insurance. Read more


Sacha Geier to become new Sympany Foundation Board member

By electing Sacha Geier, the Sympany Foundation Board has gained a member with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system. The medical specialist, entrepreneur and Head of Medical Systems at Klink Hirslanden in Zurich will take her new office from January 2021. In order to make the handover of the documents as smooth as possible, she will sit on the Board from as early as July 2020. Read more


Heidi Zbinden appointed new Managing Director of Meconex

The Meconex Board of Directors has appointed Heidi Zbinden as the new CEO from the end of April 2020. The experienced executive and proven industry expert is taking over from Daniel Uebersax, who has been acting Meconex CEO since October 2019. Meconex covers a wide range of medical services. Read more


Successful business year for Sympany

With a net increase of around 4,500 private policyholders and profits amounting to CHF 78.4 million, Sympany boasts excellent results for 2019. The company is keen for its customers to enjoy a share in its success and has therefore transferred CHF 21.3 million to the surplus fund. Read more


Martha Scheiber and Sunnie J. Groeneveld join the Sympany Foundation Board

Martha Scheiber and Sunnie J. Groeneveld were elected to the Sympany Foundation Board as of 1 January 2020. Sympany welcomes the two new members and is delighted to have them both on the Foundation Board. Read more



Sympany policyholders to be refunded up to 400 francs per person

Once again this year, Sympany policyholders with basic and supplementary insurance are going to be refunded surpluses of up to 400 francs per person in basic insurance alone. Sympany sees these refunds as a sign of fairness towards its customers. Read more


Sympany achieves excellent annual results for 2018

Sympany is looking back at an outstanding 2018 and has a total of around 7,400 more compulsory basic insurance customers as of 1 January 2019 than in the previous year. The company’s profits amounted to CHF 65.2 million. Sympany allocated CHF 27.9 million of these to the surplus fund, which was considerably more than in the previous year. With the surplus payment, Sympany allows its customers to share in the company’s success. Read more



Sympany pays back surpluses in basic and supplementary insurance to customers for third time in a row

Since 2016, health insurance companies have been permitted by law to pay back surpluses from compulsory basic insurance to policyholders. While most health insurance providers keep any such surpluses in reserves, Sympany is – for the third time in succession – reimbursing policyholders in cantons where a surplus has been generated for the excess premium payments they have made. Surpluses in supplementary insurance are also being given back to customers, in this case for the sixth time in a row. Read more


Sympany continues to grow and achieves excellent annual results for 2017

Sympany looks back at an outstanding year. The increase in the number of private policyholders is particularly pleasing, amounting as of 1 January 2018 to a total of over 11,000 more basic insurance policyholders than in the previous year. Sympany’s profits have increased by CHF 20.3 million to CHF 76.0 million. Sympany allocated CHF 21.3 million of these to the surplus fund, which was considerably more than in previous years. By issuing surplus payouts, Sympany wants to share this success with its customers. Read more



Sympany’s family doctor model – now also with the virtual medical centre option

Sympany is now the first Swiss health insurance company to offer its policyholders access to a virtual medical centre as part of the family doctor model. With the app provided by Bern-based start-up “eedoctors”, customers will be able to seek medical advice via video and receive a premium discount of up to 12% from 1 January 2018. Read more


Sympany with more partner pharmacies and HMO partner centres

Sympany has expanded its network of HMO partner centres and partner pharmacies, thus offering many more points of contact for policyholders under the HMO and pharmacy models. Read more


Sympany again pays out surpluses in both basic and supplementary insurance

For the second time in a row, Sympany will in the coming days pay out surpluses to customers with basic insurance coverage. This time, persons insured with Sympany in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Baselland will benefit. For the supplementary insurance, persons with various supplementary hospital insurance policies will receive surplus payments. Read more


Sympany encouraged by growth in customer numbers in 2016

2016 proved to be another very successful year for Sympany. As of 1 January 2017, the company was able to record a huge growth in the number of private policyholders. In autumn 2016, Sympany issued surplus payouts to basic health insurance policyholders as well as supplementary health insurance policyholders, making it the first and only Swiss health insurance company to do so. Read more


Michael Willer starts his role as the new CEO of Sympany

Michael Willer is joining the Basel-based insurance company Sympany as its new CEO. Suzanne Blaser, member of the Executive Board, had been serving as interim CEO since 1 January 2017. Read more



New CEO for Sympany

The new CEO at Sympany is called Michael Willer. He will start in his new role on 1 April 2017. Until then, Suzanne Blaser, member of the Sympany Executive Board, will take over the position of CEO for the interim. Read more


Sympany achieves encouraging results in 2015

Sympany's profit before surplus sharing for 2015 totalled CHF 37.2 million, an increase of CHF 13.6 million compared with the previous year. From this profit, CHF 7.2 million was allocated to the surplus fund. This is how Sympany allows policyholders to participate directly in their shared success. Read more



Success for Sympany in its anniversary year

Sympany's profit after surplus sharing for 2014 totalled CHF 21.7 million, a figure well above the CHF 11.8 million reported in the previous year. Looking to the future, Sympany is using this good result to enhance its solidity. This will make possible, not only now but also in the future, a stable and sustainable premium strategy, as well as investments in products and services that make life easier. Read more



Sympany closes 2012 with profit

Sympany can look back on a successful financial year and closed 2012 with a profit of CHF 21.6 million. The company thus remained comfortably in the black for the second year running, following a profit of CHF 16.3 million in the preceding year. Read more



Sympany closes 2011 with profit

Sympany closed the 2011 financial year with a profit of CHF 16.3 million, thereby confirming the uptrend. Sympany will use this profit to further improve its financial situation and to focus on the upcoming premium adjustments in autumn. Read more



Second term of office for the Sympany Foundation Board

The Sympany Foundation Board will start its second term of office at the beginning of 2012. Dr Ralph Lewin will hand over the office of Chairman to the current Vice Chairman Dr Siegfried Walser. The Executive Council of the canton of Basel-Stadt has elected the new Foundation Board for the term of office from 2012 to 2014 and appointed the new chairman. Read more


Sympany strengthens its Executive Board

Sympany is strengthening its Executive Board to focus even more on its customers: from 1 January 2012, the three new market functions – Sales, Products & Marketing, and Benefits – will be represented directly on the Executive Board. Read more


Partnership with FCB expanded

Starting with the 2011-12 season, Sympany will be the new Premium Partner of FC Basel, with special emphasis on the KidsCamp. Read more


Balanced 2010 annual result for Sympany

Sympany has achieved a balanced result for the 2010 financial year. Profit amounts to CHF 1.2 million. This is significantly better than in the previous year, as the underwriting result has improved and newly implemented optimisation measures have taken effect. Read more


Sympany appoints new CEO

Dr Ruedi Bodenmann is the new CEO of Sympany. He will be taking up his post on 1 May 2011. Read more


Changes at Sympany

Uniformity under the Sympany brand, appointment of new CEO imminent, departure from the Executive Board Read more



Vivao Sympany opens customer centre in Lausanne

With its new customer centre in Lausanne, the Sympany insurance group is demonstrating its commitment to serving French-speaking Switzerland and is strengthening its presence in the Lake Geneva region. Read more


Sympany to adapt its structures

Sympany is to adapt its own structures in order to become more efficient. The company’s historical structures will be simplified. Sympany is taking these steps in order to preserve its capacity to act, especially with regard to future trends in healthcare costs. The consolidation measures will affect both material and personnel costs. Read more


2009 annual result marked by the difficult environment

In spite of the challenging conditions, the Sympany Group has attracted new policyholders. Sympany, like the industry in general, has been affected by inadequate premiums, and its 2009 annual report shows a reduction in reserves of CHF 28.3 million. The company nevertheless enjoys a solid capital position; none of the brands of the Sympany Group will need to increase premiums during the year. Read more

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