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Successful 2021 financial year for Sympany

In the 2021 financial year, Sympany remained true to its motto of being a reliable and fair insurer and was able to increase customer satisfaction once again. Important milestones included the payment of basic insurance and supplementary hospital insurance surpluses, the expansion of the network of HMO centres and partner practices to more than 450 locations, and the improvement of supplementary insurance benefits.

Basel, 26 April 2022 – With a net profit of CHF 28.7 million, Sympany reported a solid result for 2021. At CHF 1,047 million, premium income is slightly down compared to the previous year (2020: CHF 1,059 million), mainly due to changes in policyholder structure and the development of new customer business. This was characterised by a low desire on the part of policyholders to switch. The premium income from basic insurance amounts to CHF 806 million.

Slight customer growth
The number of private customers as of 2022 is around 256,300. Of these, 206,600 have Sympany basic insurance – an increase of 2,200 people. Border commuter business performed particularly well, with Sympany significantly expanding its market leadership. In the highly competitive corporate business, Sympany succeeded in acquiring new companies and successfully maintaining existing customer relationships.

Renewed surplus repayments
Sympany remains in a very solid position. As a result, surpluses of more than CHF 33 million were paid out to customers in 2021 from both basic and supplementary insurance. At the end of May 2022, Sympany policyholders with supplementary hospital insurance are to receive a refund again, this time amounting to a total of CHF 2.7 million.

Further reduction of reserves, but also increase in costs
With regard to its basic insurance premium calculations, Sympany was able to ensure lean premiums for 2022 thanks to its excellent reserves, meaning many policyholders can benefit from the same or even lower premiums. At the same time, however, Sympany is keeping a concerned eye on the development of costs and the political pressure to keep premiums low while also reducing reserves. In particular, Sympany is against further political interference with the premium structure. Although policyholders will receive back past premiums via the voluntary reduction of reserves, the premiums will have to cover the costs again in the future.

Focus on customer orientation and customer benefits
In the past financial year, Sympany continued its efforts to strengthen its customer focus. Investments in the quality of service increased policyholder satisfaction. In independent, representative surveys – such as those conducted by,, SonntagsZeitung and Le Matin Dimanche – Sympany once again received top marks. Cooperation with the Sympany customer advisory council and regular customer surveys also contributed to the increase in advantages for customers.

In 2021, Sympany became the first health insurer in Switzerland to enter into a future-orientated partnership with Lyfegen. Complex price models for high-priced drugs can be managed efficiently with the Lyfegen platform. This allows Sympany to offer its policyholders with serious illnesses the best access to innovative medicines and treatments.

In terms of basic insurance, Sympany continued to expand its HMO network. Since the start of 2022, policyholders have had access to over 450 HMO centres and partner practices throughout Switzerland. As a result, the casamed hmo HMO model and the flexhelp24 telmed/HMO model are now even more attractive.

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