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Sympany with more partner pharmacies and HMO partner centres

Sympany has expanded its network of HMO partner centres and partner pharmacies, thus offering many more points of contact for policyholders under the HMO and pharmacy models.

Basel, 2 October 2017 – Growing numbers of policyholders are opting for a managed care model – i.e. a savings model – for their basic insurance. Depending on their choice, if they fall ill their initial consultation will be at a pharmacy, an HMO centre, with their family doctor or by phone. Unlike policyholders whose model allows them to choose their own doctor, those under a managed care scheme benefit from a premium discount.

Sympany has extended its network of managed care partners. From now on, policyholders under the pharmacy model will have around 250 partner pharmacies available to choose from. Meanwhile, HMO policyholders now have access to more than 30 HMO partner centres.

The casamed pharm pharmacy model is an innovative basic insurance scheme that allows policyholders to obtain professional medical advice and care either at a pharmacy or over the phone. Sympany is one of only two insurance providers in Switzerland to offer this model.

How the pharmacy model works

In the event of health problems, the first port of call for policyholders is any of the 250 or so Sympany partner pharmacies, or they can contact the telemedicine consultation hotline. Medical care is provided in a separate room at the pharmacy and simple check-ups can be carried out there and then. Whether they take place at a pharmacy or over the phone, these consultations are free of charge for policyholders and do not have any impact on their franchise.

There is no need to make an appointment to visit a pharmacy and any required medication can be obtained straight away. If necessary, patients are referred to their family doctor, a specialist or a hospital. As with all managed care models, policyholders under the pharmacy model can also go directly to an ophthalmologist, gynaecologist or paediatrician. The same applies to emergency doctors or services in the event of an emergency.

Press release: Sympany with more partner pharmacies and HMO partner centres

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