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Useful information for the new year

With the new year come some adjustments and changes to your health insurance.

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Partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA) as of 01.01.2022

What does the partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA) mean for me as a customer? What new rights do I have, and which rights have changed? You can find information on the partial revision of the ICA here.

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Information about premiums in 2024

The health insurance premiums serve to cover the costs of the population’s medical care. The premiums for each policyholder can vary greatly, however, because the premium is influenced by numerous factors.

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Press releases


Dominic Rau joins Sympany’s Board of Directors

Sympany is pleased to welcome Dominic Rau as a new member of the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board from 1 January 2024. Serge Altmann and Rolf Baumann will be stepping down from the Boards at the end of the year due to the limitation on the term of office. Read more


Christian Conti is new CEO of Sympany

The new CEO at Sympany is Christian Conti. He will start in his new role on 1 November 2023. Until then, Suzanne Blaser and Christian Meindl will continue in their roles as Co-CEOs ad interim. Read more


CEO Michael Willer to leave Sympany

After six successful years as CEO, Michael Willer has decided to hand over the reins and leave Sympany. The search for a successor has begun. Suzanne Blaser and Christian Meindl will take over as interim co-CEOs with immediate effect. Read more

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