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Sympany Foundation Day: Working together for children with cancer

This year’s Sympany Foundation Day focused on the Sawera Health Foundation – a digital health initiative that helps children and their families to manage their everyday lives around childhood cancer treatments.

Basel, 12 June 2024 – Families affected by childhood cancer face countless challenges. Treatment regimens are highly complicated and include multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. This complexity adversely affects the child’s life and has a profound impact on the whole family.

Digital solutions can play an important role in helping families overcome these challenges. They can also support medical teams, researchers and hospitals to improve treatments, care and communication with affected families and have a positive impact on their work processes.

Improving quality of life

This is where the Sawera Health Foundation comes in. The Foundation is developing a digital solution that brings together children, parents, medical teams, researchers and other carers. All treatment-related information can be organised via an app, with the aim of facilitating communication among everyone involved and improving quality of life for children with cancer and their families.

The use of digital solutions in healthcare

This year’s Sympany Foundation Day, which was jointly organised with Sawera, focused on the use of digital solutions in healthcare. It was attended by around 50 representatives from service providers and organisations working in the areas of childhood cancer, healthcare and health management. The programme of presentations and a panel discussion considered how digital tools can help improve the health and quality of life of those affected by childhood cancer.

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