Employment conditions

Sympany is also an attractive employer

Progressive employment conditions & social security policies

  • Modern pension fund solution in line with market conditions (reduced coordination deduction, flexible retirement age, election and executive plan, attractive financing options)
  • Sympany pays contributions to non-occupational accident insurance (NBU)
  • First-class worldwide accident insurance
  • Sympany pays contributions to daily sickness allowance insurance (KTG)

Corporate culture based on partnership

  • Broad-based staff representation (also in decision-making bodies)
  • Performance review process (regular dialogue & personal target agreements)
  • Staff surveys (as a rule every two years)

Various different reductions for employees

  • Discounts on Sympany products (50% on basic insurance, 30% on supplementary insurance, at least 15% on indemnity insurance, possibly package discount)
  • Generous loyalty bonuses
  • Discounted meals in the in-house restaurant
  • Free water at workstations
  • Contribution towards public transport costs
  • Various shopping reductions

Equal opportunities

  • Active promotion of equal opportunities (equal opportunities officer)
  • Reconciliation of work and family life

Family friendliness

  • Family counselling
  • Contributions towards external childcare in case of a family income of up to TCHF 120
  • Additional family allowances (additional allowance of CHF 50 for children for whom the allowances are paid via Sympany. Single parents get an additional allowance of 50% of the total allowance which is paid via Sympany)
  • Five days’ paternity leave
  • Up to 16 weeks’ maternity leave on a full salary

Modern working time models

  • Annualised hours contract (based on a 41-hour week)
  • At least five weeks’ holiday
  • Active company Health Management (e.g. ergonomic office equipment, 20% discount on the “Gsünder Basel” healthy living course)

Customer service

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