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What can policyholders do to combat rising health costs?

Policyholders can help curb rising costs themselves by adapting their behaviour.

Sympany advises its customers on all health-insurance-related matters and is there to support them in the event of illness and accident. Because health insurance records provide a good overview of the treatments a policyholder has already had, well-thought-out advice can help avoid duplicate and unnecessary treatments.

Anyone who is willing to take greater responsibility has various ways to reduce their individual premium costs. These include increasing their franchise and choosing an alternative insurance model.

We will be happy to share some additional options with you in a one-to-one consultation.

You yourself know best which examinations and treatments a doctor, hospital or therapist performed on you. Please check if those examinations are correctly listed on the bill and notify us if anything is unclear.

This explanation will help you understand your medical bill better (in German).

Many diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and regular sport keep you fit. Sympany supports you with this. With the “Getting fit” and “Staying fit” programmes, you receive up to CHF 150 to put towards health-promoting courses and up to CHF 300 to join a gym or sports club.

Switzerland gives all its citizens free access to medical care. While this is an extremely positive socio-political achievement, it does create increased demand. It is up to us as policyholders to use these facilities wisely. In many cases, it makes more sense to contact your family doctor, pharmacy or HMO centre or make use of a telemedicine consultation rather than directly seeking out a specialist or Accident and Emergency.

Tip 1: Only use the emergency services for a genuine emergency

You’ve got flu symptoms at the weekend and you can’t get hold of your family doctor. What can you do to mitigate your suffering? Only contact the emergency doctor if your state of health is a genuine emergency – as treatment at Accident and Emergency incurs high costs and hinders really serious, perhaps even life-threatening emergencies.

Sympany has various options for straightforward illnesses: casamed pharm offers you free, initial medical assistance at the pharmacy. If you are unable to make it to the pharmacy, you can get free medical advice over the phone on +41 844 852 852 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The pharmacist or the doctor on the telephone will pass you on to a doctor, specialist or emergency doctor if necessary.

Tip 2: Check medicines at home before buying new ones

Numerous medicines are prescribed to treat a variety of health complaints. Before handing in a prescription at the pharmacy, it is worth checking the contents of your medicine cupboard at home. This way, you will avoid needlessly buying medicines twice over and help curb health costs.

Tip 3: Take generics

Generics are medicines that contain the same active substance in the same quantity as the original formula. On average, however, they are 30% cheaper and in some cases can cost up to 60% less. Check this page to find out more about generics. It also lets you see whether there is a cheaper alternative to your medicine.

Incorrect or unnecessary treatment can have far-reaching consequences – for yourself, but also, of course, in terms of healthcare costs. For this reason, it may be advisable to get a second opinion before undergoing knee surgery, back surgery or any other operation. It can help you clarify questions and uncertainties:

  • Will the recommended operation improve your quality of life?
  • Are there any risks? Do the benefits outweigh the risks or vice versa?
  • What other treatment options are there?
  • What happens if you reject or postpone the proposed operation?

Policyholders with a free choice of doctor can ask any family doctor or specialist of their choice for a second opinion.

If you are insured under an alternative insurance model (savings model), you can contact Medgate, your family doctor practice or your HMO centre, depending on the model in question.

How much does a second opinion cost?

A second opinion from Medgate is free of charge for policyholders covered by the flexhelp24, casamed pharm and callmed 24 models. Second opinions from a doctor’s or specialist medical practice are charged at the regular rate for medical consultations.

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