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Begegnungszentrum CURA

CURA is a low-threshold information and meeting centre for people suffering from a chronic illness, as well as their relatives and anyone interested.

CURA supports sufferers with a broad and readily accessible social therapy service, providing them with the space and time they need to maintain or regain their quality of life.

Time and space to adjust to life with a chronic illness

Chronic diseases such as cancer or diabetes remain a defining aspect of the lives of those affected, impacting on their identity, self-esteem and surroundings.

Sufferers and their relatives need time for themselves so they can adjust to life with the illness. This is where the Begegnungszentrum CURA comes in as a community centre offering expert advice and support based on trust, security and positive vibes.

The Begegnungszentrum CURA is a charitable organisation that is fully financed by donations and is therefore committed independently and exclusively to sufferers. Services are offered free of charge whenever possible. The Sympany Foundation supports CURA as a partner to ensure that this remains the case.

A Sympany Foundation project.