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Purpose of the foundation

Customers place their trust in Sympany thanks to the optimum insurance cover and innovative services it provides. What is less well known is that the insurance provider belongs to a foundation which is committed to affordable healthcare and cost-effective insurance cover. By implementing individual measures and projects, it provides support in the area of Basel in particular.

A closer look at what distinguishes the Sympany Foundation:

  • Affordable Swiss healthcare

We are committed to ensuring access to affordable healthcare and reasonably priced insurance cover. This is how we fulfil our corporate responsibility.

  • Creating added value for society through investments

We hold participating interests in insurance companies and other insurance-related businesses through Sympany Holding AG. We also support institutions that we work with. This offers us a way to strengthen Swiss healthcare and bring added value to society.

  • Involvement in projects

We support schemes that benefit our partners. We therefore get involved in selected projects with the aim of helping to improve the healthcare system. Our customers, partners and everyone in Switzerland benefit from high-quality healthcare as a result.

  • Commitment to Basel

Our history dates back to 1914 with our predecessor, Öffentliche Krankenkasse (ÖKK). We remain faithful to our origins and are therefore committed to our home market and the canton of Basel-Stadt. However, that does not mean that our activities are limited to just Basel.