Control instruments

Internal audit

The monitoring of management and control processes by means of internal audits is aimed at improving business processes and creating added value for the company. The internal audit is performed by Mazars AG, which reports to the Foundation Board.  


PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Basel, have been mandated to conduct the external audit of the consolidated financial statements. Peter Lüssi has been lead auditor since 2013.

Strategy control

The company's goals and their achievement are regularly monitored in the context of the strategy review. A management information system (MIS) produces an evaluation of the factors supporting the achievement of the relevant company goals as well as of any divisional goals relating to these. The results then flow into the strategic planning process that is carried out at regular intervals.

Risk management

In pursuing its risk management strategy, Sympany employs a company-wide systematic approach to identifying, assessing, analysing and managing risks. With the aid of risk management, risks and their consequences can be identified at an early stage and appropriate counteractive measures introduced.

Internal control system (ICS)

Sympany's ICS uses the international COSO internal control standard (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) as a benchmark. Within the framework of the ICS, Sympany adheres to the general principles of risk management and internal control systems as per the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) Circular 2008/32 on Corporate Governance, Risk Management and the Internal Control System. The reporting is validated by the Foundation Board.

Information policy

Sympany publishes an annual report each year which can be downloaded from the website. Details of its organisational structure and corporate governance are published on the Internet. The individual financial statements of the KVG companies are also available on the Internet. Each year, Sympany announces its corporate results in a press release.

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