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Save on premiums – with Sympany’s alternative insurance models

The alternative insurance models of basic insurance are also known as premium-saving models. But why are they cheaper?

Anyone who is ill wants rapid medical assistance. Needs vary, but luckily there is the right insurance policy for every need – even with a premium discount. This is possible because your first point of contact determines the right treatment path for you in the event of illness. You will receive the care you need but without any red tape or unnecessary examinations. This will keep healthcare costs and in turn your premiums lower.

Sympany’s premium-saving models

With the alternative insurance models, you have different first points of contact depending on the model. But how exactly does it work? And what do you need to be aware of?

When your doctor is a part of the family

casamed family doctor – the family doctor model: 6-12% discount

Always having the same contact person creates trust. Your GP knows you and knows what you need.

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Our popular health insurance savings model

callmed 24 – the telmed model: 8-14% discount

With callmed 24, you can access help and advice day and night using Medgate’s telephone/video consultation service – on the app or over the phone.

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400 times the help with no appointments or waiting times

casamed pharm – the pharmacy model: 8-14% discount

Personal advice at around 400 partner pharmacies throughout Switzerland. Or telemedical advice from Medgate. Always the fastest way to an initial assessment!

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A whole team to look after you

casamed hmo – the HMO model: 10-17% discount

In the group practice, many specialists work together to provide you with all-round care.

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Double cover

flexhelp24 – the telmed/HMO model: 13-17% discount

Get help for minor complaints on the telephone and visit the group practice for more serious complaints. Medical treatment as you need it when you need it.

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