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Useful information for the new year

With the new year come some adjustments and changes to your health insurance.

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How to contact us during the holidays

2022 is drawing to a close, and things will start to wind down. But we always have someone on hand to listen to your concerns.

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Information about premiums in 2023

The health insurance premiums serve to cover the costs of the population’s medical care. The premiums for each policyholder can vary greatly, however, because the premium is influenced by numerous factors:

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Partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA) as of 01.01.2022

What does the partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA) mean for me as a customer? What new rights do I have, and which rights have changed? You can find information on the partial revision of the ICA here.

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Unwanted phone calls

How to protect yourself from unwanted phone calls

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Reimbursement of environmental taxes to the general public

The Federal Government levies incentive taxes on environmentally harmful substances. This money flows back to the general public via health insurers.

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Sympany supports Aladdin-Stiftung

Sympany supports the work of the Aladdin-Stiftung (foundation) with a donation of 5,000 Swiss francs. For over 20 years, the foundation has been committed to helping families with children affected by illness or disability, relieving them of the burden of their everyday lives and enabling them to enjoy holidays together.

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HMO network grows to around 90 group practices as of 2021

Thanks to its partnership with the Medbase Group, Sympany is expanding its HMO network with an additional 44 medical centres. This means that Sympany HMO policyholders will have a choice of around 90 group practices from 1 January 2021 – more than twice as many as before.

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mySympany: now with a messaging feature

You can now contact our Customer Services team directly from the app or customer portal.

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New benefit statement: simple and clear

More transparency and clarity: we have revised our benefit statement – together with our customers.

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Sacha Geier to become new Sympany Foundation Board member

By electing Sacha Geier, the Sympany Foundation Board has gained a member with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system. The medical specialist, entrepreneur and Head of Medical Systems at Klink Hirslanden in Zurich will take her new office from January 2021.

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Successful business year for Sympany

With a net increase of around 4,500 private policyholders and profits amounting to CHF 78.4 million, Sympany boasts excellent results for 2019. The company is keen for its customers to enjoy a share in its success and has therefore transferred CHF 21.3 million to the surplus fund.

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Coronavirus: information and tips

Protect yourself against the coronavirus. Respect the rules of hygiene and conduct and, in the event of acute symptoms, contact your doctor, the emergency unit or the hotline of the Federal Office of Public Health by telephone.

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Martha Scheiber and Sunnie J. Groeneveld join the Sympany Foundation Board

Martha Scheiber and Sunnie J. Groeneveld were elected to the Sympany Foundation Board as of 1 January 2020. Sympany welcomes the two new members and is delighted to have them both on the Foundation Board.

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mySympany app

A new scan function helps you submit clearly legible documents. This makes it easier to put together your benefit statement.

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