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Between alpine peaks and colourful vineyards

In late summer, Grisons is a beautiful region and promises visitors of all ages an unforgettable experience of the natural world. Between the imposing alpine peaks and the idyllic vineyards, there is a fascinating variety of natural colours and interesting activities that will inspire anyone who loves nature or just wants to relax.

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The alpine region of Grisons in the east of Switzerland is famous for its impressive mountain landscape and is particularly magical in the late summer, with clear mountain air, warm sunshine and the beautiful glowing colours of the natural world. Its many footpaths make it a genuine paradise for anyone who loves hiking, providing walkers with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the mountains at first hand. Whether you prefer a gentle stroll through flowering alpine meadows or a strenuous mountain hike up to a majestic peak, there is something here for every hiking enthusiast.

In late summer, the Grisons region also has some pleasant surprises for connoisseurs of good food and wine. The sunny slopes of the Rhine valley provide ideal conditions for wine growing. In the picturesque wine regions, such as Bündner Herrschaft and Schanfigg, visitors can taste the premium wines produced from native grape varieties and enjoy the unique landscape on walks through the vineyards.

Culture lovers will also find something to enjoy in the Grisons region. Historic locations such as Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, are the perfect place for a journey into the past. Discover delightful narrow alleyways, historic buildings and cultural events that reflect the region's heritage.

Another highlight of the late summer in Grisons is the traditional harvest festivals where local people share their culture and customs with visitors. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of these traditional events and experience the warm hospitality of the people of Grisons.

The late summer in Grisons holds a wealth of unforgettable moments in store for visitors, from beautiful natural settings and delicious wine to inspiring cultural events. Pack your walking boots, your camera and your sense of adventure and let the magical beauty of this alpine region cast its spell over you. Late summer in Grisons is a time for memorable experiences that will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

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