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Employee statements

Whatever we do, we do in the interests of our clients. For us, partnership is not an empty word: it is a fundamental attitude and commitment. We make things happen, dare to be different and solve problems quickly, efficiently and in a straightforward manner.

The atmosphere at Sympany is very relaxed and sociable. When I need support, there’s always someone there to help. It’s a fantastic team!

Luana, loves the team spirit

When I became a father, I was easily able to reduce my hours and then take more unpaid leave later. My manager and the team made this possible, which is something I really appreciate.

Stephan, keeps things up and running even at home

As a manager, I have lots of scope for decision-making and feel safe in the knowledge that my superiors trust me. Teamwork also plays a key role at management level.

Gérald, the accountant who balances the books

We have a good team spirit! We all join forces to drive Sympany forward even though we are from different countries and age groups. Friendly, future-focused and innovative – that's what Sympany means to me.

Priscilla, with Sympany since the ÖKK days

Sympany is a fair employer and we enjoy some fantastic benefits. I really appreciate the 50% discount on basic insurance, the various offers and reductions, the annualised hours contract and the fact that Sympany pays a contribution to our public transport costs.

Yvonne, chose the right track

As a lateral entrant, I was able to take on a leadership role after just 10 months and my manager put a lot of trust in me. If you show initiative and commitment, you can develop.

Tobias, helping our customers paid off

Sympany allows me to develop privately and professionally. I have worked in several departments during my 15 plus years at Sympany and I still have time for my other job as a mum.

Svetlana, happy at work and at home

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