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Sawera Health Foundation

The Sawera Health Foundation supports children with cancer and their families. For example, they provide an app that helps users to organise and manage their lives better around treatment

Families with a child living with cancer face countless challenges. The Sawera Health Foundation offers them practical and emotional support. The Sawera app is one example of this. It serves as a digital diary that helps users to organise doctor’s, treatment and leisure appointments better and to improve communication with medical teams.

New functions for the app

The Sympany Foundation is providing funding to develop the app further. The focus is on developing functions that help with keeping up with prescriptions and avoiding gaps in supply during long periods of treatment.

The Sawera Health Foundation is a not-for-profit, digital health initiative. It supports children and families affected by childhood cancer, both during and after treatment. Its mission is to improve the health and overall quality of life of those affected using digital aids.

The foundation was founded in 2021 by a family whose son was suffering from cancer.

A Sympany Foundation project.