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Advance Care Planning – ACP Swiss

The non-profit association ACP Swiss trains specialists to provide professional advice and support to parties interested in drawing up a patient decree.

Most people want to decide for themselves how they will be medically treated in the event of illness or after an accident, even if they are no longer able to express their wishes themselves – for example, in the emergency or intensive care unit.

A patient decree is available for such situations. However, the patient’s wishes are often unclear or formulated in contradictory terms.

This is where Advance Care Planning (ACP) comes in. This is a concept for planning medical treatment in situations where you are no longer capable of judgement. With the help of ACP, everybody should be able to make well-informed decisions for a patient decree, formulate them clearly and set them down in writing in a patient decree according to the ACP standard. Certified ACP advisors are involved in this process.

ACP Swiss

Founded in 2020, the association ACP Swiss aims to provide all the people in Switzerland with access to professionally supervised, standardised ACP counselling sessions and thus strengthen the autonomy of the population. With ACP Swiss, everyone can exercise their right to make decisions about their medical treatment in a proactive manner.

To achieve this, ACP Swiss pursues the following objectives and activities:

  • Quality assurance, definition of training and quality standards for patient decrees based on scientifically founded concepts
  • Research and development of the ACP concept, membership and participation in international ACP organisations
  • Nationwide regulation of the financing of ACP advisory services

The Sympany Foundation is supporting the development and activities of ACP Swiss in 2023 and 2024 with “seed capital”.

A Sympany Foundation project.

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