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Facts and Figures

Sympany has around 256,300 private customers, some 206,600 of whom have basic insurance cover, all of them served by 627 employees. Sympany gives its policyholders a direct stake in its success: in 2021, CHF 3.3 million was allocated to the surplus fund.

Key figures

Premiums and benefits 2021 2020
Total premium volume* CHF 1,047 m. CHF 1,059 m.
of which compulsory health insurance (OKP) CHF 806 m. CHF 813 m.
Net benefits paid** CHF 970 m. CHF 915 m.
Reserves and provisions
Actuarial provisions CHF 487 m. CHF 476 m.
Provision quota 50.2% 52.07%
Reserves as per OKP CHF 181 m. CHF 182 m.
Reserve ratio as per OKP 22.5% 22.4%
Shareholders’ equity CHF 492 m. CHF 467 m.
Equity as a percentage of premium income 47.0% 44.1%
Net profit before allocation to surplus fund CHF 28.7 m. CHF 73.0 m.
Allocated to surplus fund CHF 3.3 m. CHF 27.5 m.
Net profit after allocation to surplus fund CHF 25.5 m. CHF 45.4 m.
Employees 627 575
Full-time equivalent 570 522
Customers 01.01.2022 01.01.2021
Private customers 256,320 257,081
with basic insurance KVG 206,627 204,456


Detailed figures can be found in the full annual report (in German).

All figures are rounded individually.

* The premium volume refers to the earned premiums for own account.

** Net benefits include all benefits except reinsurers' benefits, i.e. benefits, cost sharing and other benefit expenses.

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