Facts and Figures

Sympany has around 253’000 private customers, some 195'000 of whom have basic insurance cover, all of them served by 483 employees. Sympany has around 4'500 companies in its corporate customer portfolio. Sympany gives its policyholders a direct stake in its success: in 2017, CHF 21.3 million was allocated to the surplus fund.

Key figures

Premiums and benefits 2017 2016
Total premium volume* CHF 1,008 m. CHF 1,002 m.
of which compulsory health insurance (OKP) CHF 756 m. CHF 729 m.
Net benefits paid** CHF 866 m. CHF 885 m.
Reserves and provisions
Actuarial provisions CHF 431 m. CHF 402 m.
Provision quota 49.8% 45.4%
Reserves as per OKP CHF 134.5 m. CHF 113 m.
Reserve ratio as per OKP 17.8% 15.5%
Shareholders’ equity CHF 414 m. CHF 359 m.
Equity as a percentage of premium income 41.0% 35.8%
Net profit before allocation to surplus fund CHF 76.0 m. CHF 55.7 m
Allocated to surplus fund CHF 21.3 m. CHF 9.4 m.
Net profit after allocation to surplus fund CHF 54.7 m. CHF 46.3 m.
Employees 483 489
Full-time equivalent 430 436
Customers 01.01.2018 01.01.2017
Private customers 253,171 248,246
with basic insurance KVG 194,840 183,601
Corporate customers 4,534 5,002
Agencies 6 7


Detailed figures can be found in the full annual report (in German).

All figures are rounded individually.

* Premium income: Premium income refers to premiums actually collected, i.e. gross premiums without revenue deductions, reinsurers' share and other premium revenues.

** Net benefits: Net benefits include all benefits with the exception of those provided by reinsurers, i.e. benefits, cost contributions and other expenditure on benefits.

*** Without Meconex