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Moving to a new life

MOVU and Sympany help with savings

When you move, your life often rearranges itself. A good time to check whether your insurance still meets your needs. If you take out supplementary insurance with us, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to CHF 400.– .

Health insurance the way you need it

Does my health insurance still meet my needs? A change of scenery makes you think. Do you want more comfort in the future or are you just starting a family? Sympany offers you optimum protection in all situations.

Label from customer satisfaction with health insurers, score: good (5.0)

In a customer satisfaction survey, Sympany achieved the good score of 5.0.

Our offer

Enjoy our advantages and save money. You will receive up to CHF 400.– back when you take out these supplementary insurances:

Outpatient supplementary insurance

  • For preventive care and popular extras.
  • Close coverage gaps of the basic insurance.
  • Receive contributions to preventive examinations, check-ups, alternative medicine and sports and relaxation courses.

Supplementary hospital insurance

  • Free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland and more.
  • Allow yourself free choice of hospital, free choice of doctor and choice of hospital ward.
  • Receive contributions towards household help, births in hospital or birth centre, and care and nursing of sick children.

Receive a welcome bonus: it's that easy

  • Fill out the form below.
  • We will contact you by phone and offer you a free personal consultation with a non-binding quote.
  • For every new policy you take out, you will receive up to CHF 400.– per person.¹
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If the offer initiated through MOVU results in the customer taking out an insurance policy, the new Sympany customer will receive a reimbursement

- of CHF 200 per policyholder if they take out supplementary outpatient insurance (all models) and general supplementary hospital insurance (hospita general) under the Federal Law on Insurance Contracts.

- of CHF 400 per policyholder if they take out supplementary outpatient insurance (all models) and supplementary hospital insurance (hospita private, hospita semi-private or hospita flex) under the Federal Law on Insurance Contracts.

The customer must be resident in Switzerland in order to conclude the contract. Half of the reimbursement of the total sum will be paid in the month following the confirmed acceptance of the contract under the Federal Law on Insurance Contracts. The remaining sum will be paid at the end of March of the following year, provided that the customer is insured with Sympany at this time.

In cooperation with MOVU

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