Our customers get money back

As a fair insurance company, Sympany is able to pay back surpluses to its customers again this year.

If the actual healthcare costs turn out to be lower than anticipated when setting premiums, Sympany customers receive the surpluses back in the following year – and this applies to both basic insurance and supplementary insurance.

Surpluses from 2018 will be paid out this autumn.

How does the surplus payment work? You can find out here

CHF 27.9 million

This is the amount that Sympany plans to pay back to its policyholders this year.

Customer comments on the 2018 surplus payment

Many thanks for the reimbursement. I almost feel bad about it because I had to have operations on both my knees last year due to arthritis.

Elisabeth Spreng Troller, Basel

I received the letter from Sympany yesterday regarding the repayment. What a pleasant surprise! I have to thank you very much for this gesture.

Claire M. from B.

In 2019 you will receive

Basic insurance*

Insurance company Cantons Amounts
Vivao Sympany AG AG, BE, BL, BS, FR, LU, SO

CHF 90.– to 400.–

Moove Sympany AG AG, GE

CHF 100.– to 400.–

Kolping Krankenkasse AG SO, SZ

CHF 130.– to 210.–


* Approval from the FOPH is pending.

Supplementary insurance

Product Amount

hospita general

CHF 40.–

hospita semi-private, hospita comfort, hospital treatment, hospital daily allowance

CHF 90.–

hospita private, hospita global

CHF 320.–

kombi general

CHF 30.–

flex kolping

CHF 120.–