Our customers get CHF 27.9 million back

As a fair insurance company, Sympany is able to pay back surpluses to its customers again this year.

If the actual healthcare costs turn out to be lower than anticipated when setting premiums, Sympany customers receive the surpluses back in the following year – and this applies to both basic insurance and supplementary insurance.

Surpluses from 2018 will be paid out this autumn.

Die Grafik veranschaulicht die Höhe der Überschüsse, die Sympany zurückzahlt: Landkarte Schweiz mit Gesamtbetrag 27,9 Millionen Franken, vierköpfige Familie mit Betrag 1600 Franken

This year, a family of four received up to CHF 1,600 from basic insurance and CHF 1,280 from supplementary insurance!

How does the surplus payment work? You can find out here

In 2019 you will receive

Basic insurance

Canton Vivao
Sympany AG
Sympany AG
Krankenkasse AG

CHF 350.–

CHF 50.–


CHF 100.–

BL CHF 250.–

BS CHF 260.–

FR CHF 80.–

GE CHF 310.–

LU CHF 400.–

SO CHF 130.– CHF 110.–
SZ CHF 200.–


Supplementary insurance

Product Amount

hospita general

CHF 40.–

hospita semi-private, hospita comfort, hospital treatment, hospital daily allowance

CHF 90.–

hospita private, hospita global

CHF 320.–

kombi general

CHF 30.–

flex kolping

CHF 120.–

How does the surplus payment work?

How does Sympany do it?

It’s a simple idea – surplus refunds are dependent on the operating result. For basic insurance, surpluses are paid out in the cantons and legal entities in which excess premiums were paid. This year, this applies to Vivao Sympany AG, Moove Sympany AG and Kolping Krankenkasse AG. For supplementary insurance, accrued surpluses are paid out for each insurance product.

How come all Sympany policyholders aren’t refunded surpluses?

Sympany offsets excess premium income with surplus payouts.

This means that some customers have overpaid in your canton of residence (basic insurance) or your insurance product (supplementary insurance). To ensure that it remains fair for everyone, Sympany will repay the surpluses that have accrued to those policyholders who have paid too much the following year.

When does Sympany pay back the surpluses?

Surpluses are paid out in the autumn, immediately after approval by the authorities. Sympany notifies all customers who will receive surpluses.

What are surpluses?

Surpluses are excess premium payments. Despite lots of uncertainties, insurance companies are required to set premium rates so that they cover costs. However, this means that, even though they are calculated very carefully, premiums are sometimes set too high and policyholders end up paying too much over the year. Insurance companies use the surpluses this generates in basic insurance to create reserves for the next few years – or may be refunded to policyholders following approval by the authorities. 

Due to the fair and transparent way it handles its own reserves, Sympany refunds its customers the surplus money they paid – not just for supplementary insurance, but also as one of few health insurers to do this for basic insurance too. That is how we have been leading by example since 2016.

Who benefits from surplus payouts?

Children, young adults and adults alike benefit from surplus payouts with Sympany.

Basic insurance: you need to have been insured in a canton and a Sympany legal entity in which surpluses accrued in the year prior to the surplus payout.

Supplementary insurance: you need to have been insured with a Sympany supplementary hospital insurance product for which surpluses accrued for the entire year prior to the surplus payout.

Customer comments on the surplus payment

Many thanks for the reimbursement. I almost feel bad about it because I had to have operations on both my knees last year due to arthritis.

Elisabeth Spreng Troller, Basel

I received the letter from Sympany yesterday regarding the repayment. What a pleasant surprise! I have to thank you very much for this gesture.

Claire M. from B.

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