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Surpluses belong to policyholders

When the costs of hospital treatment for Sympany policyholders are lower than expected, this results in a surplus of premium income. As a fair insurance company, Sympany refunds this money to its customers.

In 2022, premium income and benefit payments balanced each other out. Therefore, in 2023, it is not possible for surpluses to be refunded.

Supplementary hospital insurance: surplus will be paid out later

However, the following remains applicable: surpluses belong to policyholders and are paid back to them at a later date – specifically when there are sufficient funds for this in the surplus fund.

Basic insurance: reduction of reserves instead of a surplus

Sympany no longer plans to repay surpluses in basic insurance. Instead, in 2023, policyholders will benefit from a reduction of reserves. They will receive a credit on their premium invoice each month. This applies to both Vivao Sympany AG and Moove Sympany AG policyholders. As well as this, the premiums for 2023 have been set very low, which has led to attractive premiums in many premium regions. Our policyholders will also benefit from this.