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car vehicle insurance: customised benefits for your car

Sympany’s vehicle insurance is for everyone – drivers who forget to use mirrors when parking, drivers who bungle the reverse gear, victims of marten bites and all other drivers who are at the wrong place at the wrong time. You can decide the extent of your cover yourself. These are the maximum amounts you can receive in the event of a breakdown or an accident:

Compulsory liability insurance protects you against the financial consequences of damage you have caused – to other people’s vehicles, objects or persons.

  • Can be selected anywhere from CHF 0 up to CHF 10,000 
  • Undeclared drivers under 25 years of age: + CHF 1,000

Personal injury and property damage

Up to CHF 100 million

Premium protection

No bonus levels – no premium increase after a claim

Defence against unjustified claims: passive legal protection

Covered, no excess

Third party, fire and theft insurance covers the costs of unforeseeable damage to your vehicle that you have not caused yourself.

Excess: flexibly selectable from CHF 0 up to CHF 5,000

Natural phenomenon, fire,
snow slides, theft,
collision with animals,
marten and rodent bites,
vandalism, assistance,
falling objects


Glass breakage

  • Basis: Breakage of front, side, rear and roof windows
  • Plus: Breakage damage to glass vehicle parts, including small glass parts, headlights and LEDs

Partial damage

Repair costs covered


  • In the first two years of service: 100% of the new vehicle value
  • Subsequently: Replacement value supplement as per compensation table

Items carried


  • CHF 2,000
  • CHF 3,000
  • CHF 4,000 
  • CHF 5,000
Motorcycle safety clothing Selectable from CHF 0 up to CHF 5,000

Provides third party, fire and theft insurance cover as well as the costs of self-caused damage (collision) to your own vehicle.

Collision events


Excess: flexibly selectable from CHF 0 up to CHF 10,000
Undeclared drivers under 25 years of age: + CHF 1,000

Parking damage

  • Basis: up to CHF 2,000
  • Plus: unlimited

Premium protection

No bonus levels – no premium increase after a claim


All occupants are insured in the event of accidents in connection with the use of the vehicle.

All benefits apply for each person. Benefits are paid immediately, in other words, before the clarification of guilt. Disability and death benefits are paid in addition to benefits from liability insurance and other accident insurances.

Medical expenses

Outpatient and inpatient treatments (private ward, single room)
Treatment costs for pets carried with you Up to CHF 2,500 per animal, max. CHF 5,000 per event

Daily allowance

  • Basis: CHF 30
  • Plus: CHF 40

Disability capital

Optional, one-off:

  • Basis: CHF 80,000
  • Plus: CHF 100,000

Death benefit

Optional, one-off:

  • Basis: CHF 40,000 
  • Plus: CHF 50,000


In the event of grossly negligent conduct (such as failure to comply with a stop sign or a red traffic light), we waive any reduction in benefits/recourse. This does not apply to offences committed under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication as well as speeding.

In the event of breakdowns, traffic accidents or theft, you will receive immediate help via the 24-hour emergency phone. Any time. Throughout Europe.

Breakdown service, towing, recovery

  • Basis: Transport to nearest suitable repair workshop
  • Plus: Transport to a garage of your choice

Accommodation costs

If return or onward journey is not possible on the same day

  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 1 night up to CHF 150 per person
  • Abroad: up to CHF 1,200 per event

Mobility and return journey (replacement/hired car, public transport, taxi, etc.)

  • Basis: up to CHF 1,500
  • Plus: up to CHF 4,000
Return of vehicle, delivery of spare parts