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Household contents insurance home: customised benefits for your home

Covers the cost of damage to your belongings.

Insurable property Household contents (furniture, home furnishings), monetary value, precious metals, garden areas, luggage, shipments from online shops
Insurable risks Insurance covers damage caused by fire, natural disasters, water, damage caused by electricity or power failure, theft, glass breakage, earthquakes (if not caused by humans, such as geothermal energy)


Covers the cost of damage to your building.

Insurable property  Buildings and flats, including accompanying garages, sheds, etc., horticultural elements such as decorative fountains, stairs, paths, etc.
Insurable risks Insurance covers damage caused by fire or natural disasters, damage caused by electricity or power failure, water, theft (such as damage caused by burglary), glass breakage

Personal liability insurance protects you against the financial consequences of damage you have caused – to third-party objects or persons.


  • Flexible selection from CHF 0 to CHF 10,000
Personal injury and property damage Up to CHF 10 million
Defence against unjustified claims: passive legal protection Covered, no excess

Comprehensive insurance covers the costs of damage to household contents and buildings that you have caused yourself.


  • Flexibly selectable between CHF 0 and CHF 5,000

In the case of grossly negligent conduct, we waive any reduction in benefits/recourse. You can find exceptions to this in our General Terms and Conditions of insurance.

In the event of defects, breakdowns or loss of a key, you will receive immediate help via the 24-hour emergency telephone. At all times. Throughout Europe.

Handyman emergency service The insurance covers assistance in emergencies such as the organisation and takeover of costs of specialists and handymen up to CHF 2,000 per incident. For example, immediate assistance in the event of faults in sanitary facilities, heating systems or electrical installations, the relocation of wasp, hornet or bee nests or the control of vermin and pests.

Bike assistance

In the event of breakdowns, traffic accidents, theft or malicious damage, we organise a breakdown service, towing and recovery. We will also cover the costs of the return or onward journey if the vehicle cannot be repaired or found again on the same day. Insurance cover up to CHF 500 per incident.
Locksmith Organisation and takeover of the costs of a locksmith service and replacement keys up to CHF 2,000 per incident (maximum twice per calendar year)

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