Premium amount: many influencing factors

The health insurance premiums serve to cover the costs of the population’s medical care. The premiums for each policyholder can vary greatly, however, because the premium is influenced by numerous factors. The following three factors play an important role as a basic principle:

1. Rising health costs

Healthcare costs rose again last year, but fortunately a little less than the year before. This means that premiums will also continue to increase in 2019, albeit moderately.

A legislative change made by parliament is having a major influence on the development of premiums – the burden on young adults under the age of 26 will be relieved and they will benefit from premium reductions for basic insurance in 2019. By contrast, however, premiums for adults over the age of 26 are set to rise.

2. Age-dependent discounts

For basic and supplementary insurance, children up to and including the age of 18 will receive a children’s discount. Young adults up to and including the age of 25 will benefit from a young person’s discount for basic insurance. After these ages, these discounts will lapse from the beginning of the following calendar year. In 2019, this will affect policyholders born in 2000 and 1993.

3. Individual factors

Premiums are also graded according to age groups for supplementary insurance. Moving to the next age bracket can result in a change to premiums. For the most popular supplementary insurance policies such as plus and premium or supplementary hospital insurance, the following age brackets apply: up to 18, 19 to 25, then in five-year intervals up to 60, 61 to 70 and 71 to 80. Premiums remain unchanged from the age of 81.

Other factors that may influence the amount of premiums for supplementary insurance are a change of residence or canton, adjustments to the family structure or expiring multiple-year contracts in accordance with the Federal Act on Insurance Policies IPA.

Framework agreements within supplementary insurance are regularly reviewed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. Existing discounts on framework agreements – for example with employers, sports clubs and associations – which no longer fulfil statutory criteria may no longer be applied. Therefore, from 1 January 2019, there will be no more framework agreement discounts at Sympany.

Individual no-claims bonuses can lapse when you claim benefits again.

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