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Motorbike insurance moto premium

premium motorbike insurance

  • We insure you against damage to persons and your motorbike and third party liability.
  • In case of a breakdown in Switzerland or the rest of Europe, you will receive assistance around the clock.
  • You benefit from protection of no-claims bonus, unlimited cover of parked-vehicle dam-age and a purchase price guarantee.

Our benefits for you

Third party liability
Physical and property damage
Payment of justified claims and rebuttal of unjustified ones
100% of costs
Several deductible options to choose from*
Protection of no-claims bonus at all premium levels For 1 claim per year**
Included in basic insurance cover
Partial cover and fully comprehensive cover
Damage to insured vehicle Assumption of repair costs
Protection of no-claims bonus in case of fully comprehensive cover possible at all levels***
Several deductible options to choose from
Accessories and optional features Up to 10% of the catalogue price included in basic insurance cover
Insured loss events Fire, natural peril events, snow slides, theft, collision with animals, damage caused by martens, glass breakage, vandalism, damage arising in connection with the provision of assistance
Damage to parked vehicle Unlimited costs
Cargo Up to CHF 5000 per event
Protective clothing CHF 3000 per event
Total loss Additional scale value depending on the age of the vehicle
Purchase price guarantee for new vehicles In the first 12 months after purchasing the vehicle
Automatic extension of cover following exchange of vehicle For 20 days
Gross negligence
Waiver of right to deduct or claim back benefits in cases of gross negligence Applies to third party liability and collision.
Exceptions: alcohol, drugs, speeding
Breakdown and accident assistance in Switzerland and abroad
Assistance: breakdown and accident assistance in Switzerland and abroad (EU, EEA, Croatia, Andorra) 24-hour emergency hotline, breakdown and accident assistance, overnight stay, replacement vehicle, delivery of replacement parts, journey home, return transportation of vehicle
Accident involving all passengers
Lump-sum death benefit CHF 30’000 per person
Lump-sum integrity benefit CHF 100’000 per person****
Daily allowance if unable to work CHF 20 per day
Hospital daily allowance CHF 20 per day
Medical expenses Unlimited for 5 years
In case of death or full disability: education allowance for children up to the age of 25 CHF 30’000 per child
Medical expenses for pets CHF 3000 per animal, CHF 6000 per event
Seasonal coverage
12 months’ coverage For the price of 9

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Deductible for young drivers up to the age of 25: CHF 1000
Deductible for new drivers (those who have had their driving licence for less than 2 years): CHF 500

** You continue to pay the same premium in spite of any claims made.
*** Deductible for collision damage: CHF 300
Deductible for other damage: CHF 0
Other deductible options to choose from
**** If physical, psychological or mental integrity is permanently impaired.
The motorbike insurance products are offered by Sympany Versicherungen AG.

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