Questions and answers on Sympany's vehicle insurance

Would you like to insure your car or motorbike with Sympany? Or are you already a Sympany customer or would like to know what you need to do in the event of an accident or damage? We have the answers.

Taking out vehicle insurance

New vehicle – what needs to be done?

Please get in touch with us. We will advise you and coordinate the vehicle registration process with you. In order to be able to offer you optimal advice, we mainly need details about the vehicle such as the certificate of conformity, make, model and list price. The best thing to do is have your vehicle registration document ready.

If you already know the registration date and the vehicle’s serial number, we will quickly and easily deposit your insurance certificate with the competent driver and vehicle licensing office, so that you can have your car re-registered.

Car sale – how to proceed?

Once the vehicle has been sold, the number plates must also be handed in to the driver and vehicle licensing office. Once they have been deposited there, we will be informed electronically of your vehicle having been taken off the road.

Once Sympany has been informed of the sale, the insurance cover with it will also lapse. If you do not plan to register a new vehicle in the foreseeable future, the policy will be terminated.

What do I need to do if I get a new vehicle?

Contact us as soon as possible.

If you were insured with Sympany up to then, we will immediately send a new insurance certificate to the relevant driver and vehicle licensing office. Until you send us the new and signed insurance application, you will have fully comprehensive cover for up to 20 days, provided that you take out this type of policy.

What bonus level can I join Sympany at and what influence does pre-existing damage have?

Experienced drivers without any pre-existing damage to their vehicle usually join Sympany at the lowest bonus level.

We do not take pre-existing damage dating back more than 3 years into account during the classification process.

Young drivers and new drivers are also classified based on their experience. If a young driver’s parent is already insured with Sympany, the young driver gets 2 bonus levels for free.

Do I have to pay additional fees if I select the monthly payment method?

No, you do not have to pay any fee for the monthly payment method. However, you can only pay on a monthly basis by direct debit (LSV) or Debit Direct (PostFinance).

If you pay annually, you will get a 2% discount on the annual premium and if you pay six-monthly, you will get a 1% discount.

Should I deposit my motorbike’s number plates during the winter months?

Sympany gives you the option of seasonal coverage for motorbikes. In order for everyone to be able to minimise administrative burdens, you keep the number plates all year round and we will insure your motorbike for 12 months for the premium which you normally pay in 9 months.

Vehicle insurance: general questions

Should I take out partial cover or fully comprehensive cover?

The fully comprehensive insurance offers supplementary cover to the partial insurance and not only insures against risks such as natural hazards, fire, theft, etc., but also against damage to your own vehicle caused by collisions which are your own fault.

To help you make the right choice about cover, why don’t you ask us for a consultation and give us a call on:

+41 800 455 455

(Toll-free number for calls within Switzerland. Costs may be incurred for calls from payphones, from abroad and from prepaid mobiles.)

Is it necessary to take out passenger accident insurance?

Most Swiss residents are insured against accident risks, either by their employer or mandatory health insurance.

Passenger accident insurance offers supplementary benefits such as private ward or a lump-sum integrity benefit for persons who already have accident insurance and also covers passengers from countries which might not have mandatory accident insurance. So it is a way of giving yourself and your guests additional cover.

What cover do I need in order to be insured against damage caused by martens?

Damage caused by martens is covered by Sympany partial cover.

How can I insure my trailer?

As a rule, a trailer is insured against third party liability claims through the towing vehicle. If you would like partial or fully comprehensive insurance for your trailer (material trailer, caravan, horse trailer, etc.), you can include it in your towing vehicle policy with Sympany.

Trip abroad in a vehicle – what do you need to know?

Your Sympany insurance covers both claims in Switzerland and claims in all EU Member States, all EEA Member States and Andorra.

Should you require cover in other countries, we offer the possibility of extending the scope to other states such as Serbia or Turkey. Ask us for an obligation-free consultation to ensure that this cover meets your specific needs.

Passenger accident insurance offers you additional cover for medical expenses after a car accident abroad.

Please always have your green card and a European Accident Statement in the vehicle with you – just in case.

What value does the purchase price guarantee have in case of a five-year-old vehicle?

The purchase price guarantee is our promise to you that should your vehicle be completely written off in the first twelve months after it was purchased as a new vehicle, you will actually be able to replace your vehicle “1 to 1” without any financial losses. You will also benefit if you have an older vehicle, provided that you take out a policy including the purchase price guarantee. Although in the case of a complete write-off, we cannot refund you the value of a completely new vehicle, you will in each case receive the scale value + 10%, which means that it will as a rule be possible for you to purchase a vehicle of the same value without any financial losses.

Vehicle: in case of a claim

What happens to my bonus level in case of a claim?

If you have chosen the relevant bonus protection as cover, your bonus will not be adjusted in spite of making one claim a year.

If more than one claim is made or if you don’t have any bonus protection, your bonus level will as a rule be increased by 4 levels per claim. In order to be able to maintain your bonus level without bonus protection even in case of a claim, we give you the option of bearing the costs yourself.

What needs to be done in case of a claim?

The most important principle: remain calm.

In case of a road accident, the facts must immediately be recorded in writing as accurately as possible – the European Accident Statement provides you with valuable assistance with noting down the facts. Taking photos of the accident site and writing down witnesses’ addresses are also helpful activities.

The police must be notified in case of any physical injuries and accidents abroad.

You can contact Sympany around the clock on +800 55 455 500 for assistance in an emergency.

Am I free to choose any garage if I need to have my car repaired?

As a Sympany policyholder, you are free to choose any garage you trust. Sympany does not lay down any conditions – but it reserves the right to call on the services of a vehicle expert to assess the costs.

Breakdown assistance – what is the procedure?

For breakdown assistance, you always contact Sympany’s Assistance Service on +800 55 455 500 – we organise the assistance for you.

Compensation in case of a total write-off?

In case of a total write-off, the compensation will be granted as a percentage of the list price specified in the policy for the vehicle and accessories and will exceed the market value of the vehicle in the context of the fully comprehensive insurance. The maximum payout will, however, be the purchase price paid.

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