Occupational benefits

Perfectly prepared for your retirement

Your advantages

  • Thanks to modular benefit plans, you can choose a customised solution.
  • Our collective foundation guarantees the best possible pension cover.
  • We calculate the pensions using standard market conversion rates.

Our services

  • Wide range of pension solutions with various options
  • Progressive benefits for life partners
  • Paying into a pension fund for early retirement
  • Retirement between the ages of 58 and 70, and semi-retirement
  • Choice of lump-sum payment, pension or a mixture of both
  • 100% risk reinsurance
  • Liquidity and interest-related advantages for your company thanks to end-of-year payments
  • Additional lump-sum death benefit
  • Individual solutions for managerial staff

Our advantages

  • Customer-oriented service and quick processing
  • Lean management ensures good value for money
  • Transparency about benefits, bonuses and costs
  • On-site personal consultation in English, German, French or Italian

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