Comfort in hospital – make yourself at home

With supplementary insurance, you can enjoy more privacy and additional services. Semi-private, private or flexible – you decide.

Who really wants to be in hospital? Surely nobody, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. And that’s exactly when you want to feel comfortable. Hospitals have come up with some ideas to do just that. And depending on your hospita supplementary hospital insurance model, you can benefit from this more and more.

hospita offers higher benefits than basic insurance. However, real plus points include the free choice of doctor and hospital in Switzerland and even throughout the world, as well as the privacy and comfort offered on a semi-private or private ward. While hospita private gives you an all-round worry-free package, hospita flex offers you the option of choosing your ward when you’re admitted to hospital.

Sympany customer Klaus Sachsse:

I’ve been insured under Sympany’s basic and supplementary insurance models for many decades now. Following my hip operation, it’s now become clear that I’m in good hands with my private insurance.

Premium Gold – as a private patient at the Merian Iselin Klinik in Basel

The clinic, which specialises in orthopaedics, offers benefits such as luxurious private rooms, first-class care, a lounge with a terrace, a taxi service, exquisite food and a selection of cakes and pastries.

Sympany customer Klaus Sachsse recovered well from his hip operation there: “I was particularly surprised by how beautifully designed the rooms were. It really didn’t feel as though I was in hospital. But the nursing staff and chief physician provided me with the best medical care, which meant I was able to recover from the operation quickly and in peace.”

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