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About the partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA)

What does the partial revision of the Insurance Contract Act (ICA) mean for me as a customer? What new rights do I have, and which rights have changed? You can find information on the partial revision of the ICA here.

More protection for customers

The Insurance Contract Act (ICA) has regulated the relationship between insurance providers and their customers for over 100 years. It has now been partially updated to meet modern requirements regarding appropriate consumer protection.

This delivers a number of advantages for policyholders, including improved consumer rights, and takes modern communication channels into account. Changes to policies can easily be made by e-mail, for example.

The updates will come into force on 1 January 2022 and apply to all new and existing insurance policies at Sympany.

What are the main changes?

What about policies that run for more than a year? 

The new ordinary right of termination means that you’ll be free to terminate an insurance policy at the end of the third year (or any year after that) with three months' notice, regardless of the policy length stated in the policy itself.

Sympany already provides this protection against lengthy policy durations. This is why none of our insurance policies run for more than three years.

Can I reverse my decision to take out a policy?

In future, you’ll have the option to reverse your decision to take out a policy within 14 days. This period begins on the day you apply for the policy.

Can I make changes to my policy by e-mail?

You can now send the majority of your requests to us easily by e-mail. Find out which form to use for your request here >


When will the changes come into effect, and who do they apply to?
The partial revision of the ICA will apply to all policies taken out from 1 January 2022.

We want all our customers to benefit from the new, consumer-friendly changes. By law, existing customers only benefit from the new ordinary right of termination and provisions on digital communication channels.  We at Sympany want to go one step further than the legislators, and will be applying all of the new benefits to every existing insurance policy from 1 January 2022.


What do the changes mean for my current policies?
Your current insurance policies will remain in place. The amendments will not affect your insurance cover or your premiums.

Do you have any further questions? Contact our customer services team on +41 58 262 42 00 or E-Mail.

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